Functional Medicine

With innovative treatments, cutting-edge diagnostic assessments, and individualized treatment plans, personalized or functional medicine is where 21st century healthcare is heading.

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Knowledge is power.  We focus on empowering the patient through multiple avenues to take control of their own healthcare and teaching skills that they can use for a lifetime of health.

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Additional Services

In order to achieve a patient's ideal health, individual services help tailor a personalized treatment regimen to meet specific needs and alleviate symptoms.

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At The Center for Ideal Health in Billings, MT, health and wellness is defined by the way you feel, your performance at work and home, and your behavior rather than by a lab marker or a number on a scale.  Functional medicine, also known as personalized medicine, offers an alternative approach to health management by empowering and educating the patient while working closely with your practitioner to improve your life.

At The Center for Ideal Health, we partner with you to help you regain control of your life, improve mental clarity, reduce fatigue, and achieve your ideal health.


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If you'd like to know if you're eligible to reclaim optimal health and achieve total health independence, contact a member of our team today.  We are happy to answer any questions you have, tell you about upcoming events, and help determine if The Center for Ideal Health is right for you.