Personalized Medicine

A systems-based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease that emphasizes the relationship between practitioner and patient.

Individual & Group Education

Empowering the patient to gain knowledge about health that can be used for a lifetime.  Offering support with group lessons as well as individual visits with a health coach.

Testing & Supplementation

Specialized testing performed by trained medical providers to identify deficiencies in all body systems and prescribe supplements to address them.


A technique designed to help people balance their physical, mental, and emotional systems with their heart's intuitive guidance.


The ProLon® 5-day fasting-mimicking meal program is shown to provide protective, regenerative and rejuvenating effects, while providing balanced nourishment.


High-Quality Nutriceuticals

Nutrition and supplementation is not "one-size fits all."  At The Center for Ideal Health, we evaluate your health conditions, analyze results of individualized testing, and formulate personalized treatment programs complete with high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade supplements and medical foods.  This takes out the uncertainty of which brands and formulations are right for you.

Convenient Programs

The Center for Ideal Health provides all necessary services for you to reach your health goals in one convenient location.  We have partnered with local businesses to ensure your success and make the journey towards your ideal health as seamless as possible.


Corporate Partnerships

Next Steps...

If you'd like to know if you're eligible to reclaim optimal health and achieve total health independence, contact a member of our team today.  We are happy to answer any questions you have, tell you about upcoming events, and help determine if The Center for Ideal Health is right for you.