What is Personalized Medicine?

Personalized medicine is also known as "functional medicine."  In this model, function refers to the process by which you reach the end result, which in this case, is disease.  A person's function can move towards health or towards illness.  This is determined by the interaction between a person's genetic makeup and the things they are exposed to like their diet, lifestyle, and environment.  Unlike conventional, or Western medicine, functional medicine is more concerned with the process that caused the disease rather than the disease itself.

"Functional medicine has evolved to be a clinical operating system for the application of a patient-centered, systems biology approach to healthcare.  Its focus is on understanding the individual's physiological, cognitive, emotional, and physical function, as well as on the design and implementation of a therapeutic program that is personalized to the functional needs of the patient." 

Integrative medicine - a Children's Journal, 2017.

The Center for Ideal Health's personalized medicine approach includes two trained medical professionals - a physician and physician assistant (PA) - utilizing cutting-edge science, strategic diagnostic assessments, and innovative treatments that aim to find and treat the root causes of symptoms and disease.  Lab testing is specific to each person, diving deep into the patient's unique molecular makeup and genetic profile to develop a personalized treatment plan used to decrease their future risk of disease.

How is this different from the healthcare patients usually receive?

Conventional medicine is defined as "a system in which medical doctors and other healthcare professionals treat symptoms and diseases using drugs, radiation, or surgery."  By this definition, it implies that a patient is already sick or suffering from a symptom.  Personalized medicine, or functional medicine, aims at preventing illness, reversing symptoms, and increasing the number of healthy years in a patient's life.


Still have more questions?

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